What is Regenerco Power?

Do you qualify?

It’s a very simple process. There are a few conditions which, to qualify, your company must meet:

  1. You should be able to supply 12 months of electricity bills
  2. You must be legally able to rent your roof surface to Regenerco Power
  3. Your roof must be structurally sound
  4. Ideally, your roof should be south facing
  1. Your company must be established and stable - we will evaluate your credit score
  2. Finally, your building must be connected to a district network operator (the Grid)

A natural alternative to power from the grid

Solar PV panels can be fitted to your roof (subject to conditions) and generate electricity which you can use for business, cheaper than buying electricity from the National Grid.

In short, you gain independence from the future rising cost of electricity and protect your business in doing so.

What’s the catch? What’s the cost?

Quite simply, there isn’t one. Installation is free - and your supply is guaranteed for 20 years.

It uses well-proven technology and there are no moving parts.

Regenerco Power will provide maintenance free of charge for 20 years.

Regenerco Power undertake a billing evaluation and guarantee to offer you a saving:

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